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WENZHOU BMT LIGHTING was incorporated in China 2013s.

We play an important role of being a distributor and dealer of PHILIPS brand.

Our clientele comes from a wide range of parties, for examples, the commercial office, hotels, department stores, shopping arcades, retail shops, restaurants, hospitals, banks and residential households in Europe,South Asia.


BMT Lighting is the distributor for PHILIPS lighting brands in the world

With our collection of PHILIPS brands and manufacturing capability at our own factory, we provide professional services and tailored solutions to projects of all sizes and types.

WHAT PRODUCT WE HAVE:we provide almost all Philips light product,if price still is higher than your budget,philips oem also available,cheaper price but use origin philip chip+philips driver,good quality compare with non brand light.


BMT Lighting Co.,Ltd is a professional Philips

distributor in China since 2013,we promise all product will be 100% origin.

BMT Lighting Co., Ltd.