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Industrial Lighting Solution

Feb. 17, 2023

Why PHILIPS industrial lighting solution?

◆ Safer and more efficient, more energy-saving and emission-reducing, and more sustainable

◆ Better Industrial Lighting for Better Production

◆ In order to maintain an edge in the industry, you must carefully review the costs of each production link process. Luminaire lighting can account for 80% of a warehouse's energy bill, so industrial lighting must be as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Philips' greener, longer-lasting, more energy-efficient industrial LED lighting solution can make a huge difference to your bottom line, reduce operating costs by reducing downtime and energy consumption, keep your workers safer and more productive in the warehuse and workplace, and increase productivity.


Discover the Philips range of energy efficient indoor high bay lights. Our innovative, stylish and easy-to-install high bay luminaires are suitable for a variety of industrial interior lighting applications, whether you are looking for warehouse, store or office lighting.

Floodlighting of stadiums and commercial outdoor areas Discover Philips' LED energy-saving and emission-reducing sports floodlight solutions. Our LED Sports Flood Lights are easy to install and of consistent quality; designed to meet the needs of a variety of outdoor sports lighting applications, making them a perfect replacement for traditional LED flood lighting.


Outdoor road and street lighting solution

◆ Creating efficient and livable cities

◆ Save energy and improve road safety in your city

◆ The complexity and variety of urban transport infrastructure means that different types of lighting are required to ensure smooth traffic, people feel safe and cities save costs. Philips LED street lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable choice for today's cities. Plus, you can make your city IoT ready with connected luminaires, helping you harness the power of smart technology with Interact City.

Application cases of Philips Industrial Lighting

The underground parking lot of the Qbz office building

The underground parking lot of the Qbz office building

BMT lighting team focuses on the renovation and planning projects of various commercial buildings.

The underground parking lot of the Qbz office building is located in the center of Berlin, Germany. The renovation project was officially launched in 2019, and the BMT lighting team provided PHILIPS WT069C tri-proof lights and PHILIPS master tubes as the main products of this renovation project.

WT069C protection performance up to IP65 and Philips master tube 2500lm high brightness provide 24-hour efficient lighting for the parking lot.

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