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Office Lighting Solution

Feb. 17, 2023

Why PHILIPS Office lighting solution?

Combining Philips' concept of energy saving and emission reduction with advanced LED lighting production technology creates an efficient and warm office space. Attract and retain the best employees with sustainable office LED lighting solutions that positively impact how employees feel, behave and perform.

Choose Philips LED linear light/panel light to create your office space, with no flicker and uniform light surface, providing a comfortable commercial lighting environment.

For the basement parking of the office, Philips also provides a perfect three-proof lighting fixture solution, IP65 and explosion-proof, dustproof and waterproof.

Looking for a commercial lighting solution that's both energy-efficient and stylish? Look no further than Philips LED Track Lights!

◆ The driver separation design greatly reduces the temperature of the metal lamp body;

◆ The lens is deeply embedded in the structure, outputting precise and clear 24-degree and 36-degree focused spot

◆ Uniform light, soft and comfortable, high-quality optical lens, uniform light, clear aperture


Philips LED tubes truly trusted by professionals

LED tubes for a variety of applications, replacing a variety of older fluorescent tubes

We supply LED tubes for every kind of commercial as well as domestic use. Our MASTER LEDtube T8 and T5 series have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and are suitable for commercial lighting applications requiring high performance.

Our retrofit LED tubes have been tested and approved by an independent third party testing agency according to EN/IEC 62776:2015 - Double capped LED lamps designed for retrofitting linear fluorescent lamps - Safety specification.

Application cases of Philips office lighting

Office Lighting Solution, Commercial Lighting Solution

Office building project of Sbzw Group

Southeast Asian countries have always been the main market of BMT Lighting. The office building project of Sbzw Group is the most classic scheme design of BMT lighting in Vietnam market. Indoors, we use PHILIPS RC095V line lights as the main light source, some areas use PHILIPS ST033T track lights, and the leisure area uses PHILIPS DN200B G3 downlights as supplementary light sources. Let all office employees have a comfortable office environment!

We are committed to conceiving the most professional lighting design solutions for all commercial building lighting specification projects, For more information please contact us.

The underground parking lot of the Qbz office building

The underground parking lot of the Qbz office building

BMT lighting team focuses on the renovation and planning projects of various commercial buildings.

The underground parking lot of the Qbz office building is located in the center of Berlin, Germany. The renovation project was officially launched in 2019, and the BMT lighting team provided PHILIPS WT069C tri-proof lights and PHILIPS master tubes as the main products of this renovation project.

WT069C protection performance up to IP65 and Philips master tube 2500lm high brightness provide 24-hour efficient lighting for the parking lot.

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