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PHILIPS UV-C Lighting Solution

Feb. 17, 2023

Why PHILIPS UV-C hospital lighting solution

We provide UV-C hospital lighting solution for equipment manufacturers and purification companies, as well as special needs locations such as hospitals and clinics, with the state-of-the-art hospital LED lighting solutions needed to remain competitive. But our expertise goes far beyond innovative products. We also have a strong track record in UV-C technology and provide solid development support including microbiological performance testing. Set industry standard service and support levels.

Application cases of Philips hospital lighting

IE Hospital

IE Hospital

Philips special light source is a major branch business of BMT Lighting. During the 10 years since the company was established, we have provided professional lighting service support for many special places such as banks/hospitals/factories.

IE Hospital is a large hospital located in Indiana, USA. When the covid-19 virus hit in 2020, it received and rescued countless patients.

BMT lighting is honored to provide a batch of PHILIPS TUV lamps when the hospital is in urgent need of germicidal lamps, creating a sterile and safe environment for all patients.

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